The first time I came across, was when I was researching about how to write a business plan for a blog

Regina says that she is a sidekick to infopreneurs, which is you if you’re a freelancer, coach, blogger, or teacher
and you want to monetize the meaningful information in your head.
She spends her days creating programs, resources, and guides to help you build a platform and product out of your knowledge and passions.

According to Regina, a blog business plan helps you to maintain your focus.

www. is a blog for those of you who are like me. That means we just want to figure out ways we can turn what we love into a liveable income and then grow from there.

She calls you an infopreneur.
A person who makes money with their mind, with their knowledge. A person who loves learning, loves teaching, and loves the feeling of
helping others really get something.

You can monetize and market your mind by exploring things
like a monetized blog or podcast, books and
workbooks, and of course classes or coaching.
Its called passive income.

Read the full post here.

Sometimes I read how much bloggers are making 6 figure incomes from professional blogging and it it just makes me airborne. I float high up there in the skies.

However, Regina gently deflates me and brings me back on earth. She informs me that running a professional blog, is like running any business.

In her post on how she started earning income from blogging, she enforces the discipline of:

– Building something you’re proud of. Build your “you brand.”

-Producing quality content as your only job and your our only purpose in (business) life.

-Making an actual plan. The kind that’s written down. Make a business plan

Read the full post here.

When people tell me to get a good traditional job, they also imply that I don’t work.
Regina refutes them.

She’s right. I spend a lot of effort and resources on my blog, researching, curating, editing and even photography.
She makes me feel like a full professional. I must recognize that blogging as a professional job.

Regina has helpful and free report resources for infopreneurs like me.

Read the full post here.

Who are you online? Which elements direct your readers’ experiences from the moment they land on your blog?
How can your blog be an experience instead of just a blog?

Regina is referring to:

(1) Content
(2) Experience
(3) Social Proof
(4) Brand Identity

Read the full post here.

and also here

Some bloggers get so secretive when it comes to money. Not so with Regina.

In her blog income and traffic reports she is honest and will discuss actual stats and dollar amounts.

Read the full post here.

All I can say is that helps me approach my blog in a more realistic view.


Author: goodkenya

I started this blog in October 2016, after 8 years of working in the informal sector. Previously I had worked in an IT firm as a Logistics Assistant for a total of 6 years. Blogging was a good way to switch back to the formal sector plus it was a great platform to showcase my skills in research and promotion.

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